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Resident video and gif maker although I do dabble in some writing here and there depending on my mood.

"Sassy, classy, and a little smart assy"
Downton Abbey Suite
John Lunn  -  Downton Abbey
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tessavirtueandmoir said:
hai bitch



Send me a ”hey” and I’ll do this:

1. First impression: ughhh whoever makes thes god-damn videos will be the end of me.. hmm… i like her blog too… *follow* she’s a sassy lil bitch but i like her i should msg her
2. Truth is: you need to read the rest of stay with me before I publish it, also come freak out with me about uni cause ugh
3. How old do you look: considering you’re the only person i’ve skyped (cause you’re the only one one that’s been able to walk me through it) i can actually say that you look ur age
4. Have you ever made me laugh:all the fucking time never…
5. Have you ever made me mad: yep… insert all videos all ur fics and when the effin skype call wouldn’t work but that wasn’t you
6. Best feature: sass + class + kick ass = gray
7. Have I ever had a crush on you:  gray = bitch <3
8. You’re my: lil betch that needs to give me her frekin number already so we can plan SOI roadtrip
9. Name in my phone: don’t have your number but i have a contact for you from that one whatsapp time that I don’t like to think about gray *sassy girl emoji* and on ‘i hate these people” it’s you lil betch
10. Should you post this too? yep


sewing pointe shoes makes me want to poke my eyes out with the needles #aintnobodygotthreedamnhourstosewshoes

Let’s do this Tanger Outlets! #shoppingismyfirstlove (Scott Edition)
Lets do this Tanger Outlets! #shoppingismyfirstlove (Tessa Edition)
Thankfully the ice dancing royalty is there to save the day help them. [2/6]

He’s [Scott] been my one and only partner. Our bodies move together without us having to think about it. - Tessa Virtue

💙💛 bulldog pride 💛💙

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